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Smt. Sarasuwathi Khannaiyann

Her multi skill personality, with administrative power has made her an icon among women in managing educational affairs. She believes that whatever we do should be done with passion and this has earned her the Best Women Entrepreneur of Coimbatore in 2006.

Our Managing Trustee's Hypothesize

Mrs. Sarasuwathi Khannaiyann hails from an agricultural family and groomed herself into a dynamic young woman under the able guidance and encouragement of her grandmother. She stood by her husband Shri. T S R Khannaiyann and being a pillar of support and strength when they had a keen desire to serve a greater purpose in the business. • Happiness consists in giving and in serving others and it has been a constant practice for Mrs. Sarasuwathi Khannaiyann to give back to the society that she has become a part of. She has initiated many eco - friendly projects, introduced many welfare schemes for the employees and many programs for developing the rural and Under Privileged community by giving them opportunities to enhance their educational standards. She was instrumental in providing scholarships to the needy students from economically weaker section. Her serices are extended to adopting primary schools and health centres for improving their quality of service. Mrs.Sarasuwathi Khannaiyann has travelled down the road where no path has existed and has left a trail of glory in the form of the vast numbers of Institutions that are under her control. The strength of Mrs.Sarasuwathi Khannaiyann is not measured in the furnace of hardships, but lies in her ability to overcome these hardships and ultimately become who she desires to be, unafraid to be herself.