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Master of Arts in English

HICAS Courses

Entry Requirements

Minimum Entry level requirement for MA English is Passing in Under graduate program from any recognized university.

Course Duration

2 years




About Department

The Department comprises of an efficient team of 23 Professors rendering selfless service under the guidance of the Head of the Dept Dr.Priya Sharon Thomas. It is one of the major dept fulfilling the requisites of the students. The Department is well equipped to offer different programs both curricular as well as co-curricular. The Department sprouted with BA Literature in the year 2010 and was upgraded with MA literature in 2015.It has a proud tradition of highest percentage of passes and members of staff strives to motivate the slow learners of English from rural areas. The need based programs are provided with academic environment for the enrichment of students to excel in higher education and Job market around the globe. The Department has fostered and nurtured the spirit of their desire over the years enlarging their scope in all the areas. The Department focuses equally in bringing out their creativity, helps them to overcome stage fear and develop leadership qualities by organizing various functions in the Department. This department has seen many epoch making National and International conferences in various disciplines. The Department has also signed with many MOU’S.

Courses Description

This programme lays emphasis on a deeper understanding of literature as it is introduced age wise. The importance of Research is stressed and every student has to produce a mini project to get an insight into research for higher studies in this discipline.

Future Proposals for MOU for CA classes:

  • The programmes aim to create independent thinkers equipped with creative, critical, and confident youth to face any challenge in the future. The department has 4 MOU and aims for more MOU proposals.

Goals & Objectives

  • The programme instills a deeper understanding to writers of all ages and literatures in English as they appear in different forms and genres. It lays emphasis on both the curriculum and on extra curricular activities, participation in coferences, workshops, seminars and helps to boost the morale of the students