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Master of Science in Information Technology

HICAS Courses

Entry Requirements

Candidates must possess a Bachelor’s degree in relevant disciplines like BSc in IT/ CS, BCA, from a recognized university

Course Duration

2 years




Recognised by CTS, TCS, Wipro, Infosys

About Department

Information Technology is the most dynamic discipline with far-reaching impact of business, science, government, social structure and even personal lives. As an academic discipline, Information Technology focuses on meeting the needs of users through the selection, creation, application, integration and administration of computing technologies. The Department of Information Technology at the HICAS campus was established in the year 2007. The basic objective of Information Technology is to create computer Professionals to enter into industry and business sector from among the youth of rural and less affordable society and also prepare students for challenges that they will face as professionals. The Information technology includes the study of software development, software testing, software engineering, computer networking, web design, databases, programming etc. The department facilitates to develop new skills for advance career opportunity through MOOCS, NPTEL, value added courses and certified courses. The Department of Information Technology has currently strength of 11 Faculties of which we have 1 Professor, 1 Associate Professor and 9 Assistant Professors. The Department also has more than 400 students and this team of dedicated and experienced faculty provide their support to mold the students to become smart in all aspects. The department conducts Board of Studies every year and the syllabus is revamped every year to meet the challenges in the current trend in the

Courses Description

M.Sc. Information Technology (IT) is a 2-year postgraduate degree that focuses on making a student technically competent in the theory of Information Technology, its application and research related aspects. The programme aims to make students eligible for IT Industry as well as research programmes. M.Sc. IT programmes are designed to impart theoretical as well as application knowledge to the students and prepare them for research in the field. Be it research, teaching or IT sector, all the options are open on the completion of M.Sc. IT programme. Candidates can pursue UGC NET and start teaching Information Technology and coding to college students. Another lucrative option is to foray int

Future Proposals for MOU for CA classes:

  • To provide valuable citizens for the country and society through the excellence in technical education and research. To generate latest knowledge in IT industry by engaging in research activities, To develop human intellectual capability to its fullest potential, To educate students professionally to face social challenges by providing healthy learning environment. The Department has got highly qualified and well experienced staffs. The department is equipped with high configured system, 24 x 7

Goals & Objectives

  • To provide advanced and in-depth knowledge of computer science and its applications To prepare Post Graduates who will achieve peer-recognition; as an individual or in a team; through demonstration of good analytical, design and implementation skills. To enable students, pursue a professional career in Information and Communication Technology in related industry, business and research. To impact professional knowledge and practical skills to the students.