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The research scholars are given full freedom to pursue their research without any impediments. The institution takes keen interest in offering financial aid to the research scholars whenever necessary. The research scholar is supposed to send a proposal to the management stating clearly the aims and objectives of topic chosen. The Management in consultation with the research committee sanctions financial assistance to the scholars concerned. The research students are free to use the computer lab and the help of technicians in the lab. The management facilitates timely auditing and submission of utilization certificate to the funding authorities whenever the grant is received and utilized by the research scholars. At the end of the research a utilization certificate to the funding authorities is submitted without fail. The institution has purchased research journals on various subjects and kept in the library for the use of the scholars. The students are encouraged to publish papers in International Journals.

The institution takes vigorous steps to create awareness advocating transfer of relative findings of research of the institution by lab to land programme. All the departments organized national and international Seminars and Conferences each in one year which is helpful to the academic development of the students. The students are allowed to utilize the laboratory to perform projects which were portrayed either as paper or poster presentations in Conferences and Seminars organized by other colleges.The Institution encourages the scholars to do research and publish papers in the reputed journals and this helps to enhance the knowledge of the community. The researches by scientists always are helpful to society to raise the standard of the common man. Such initiatives help to develop the social status of the community.


  • To develop the scientific temper and research culture among students research programmes, in M.Phil and Ph.D have been started to enable the students join the programme.
  • Various research journals, referred journals and research magazines have been subscribed for the use of the research scholars.The internet lab is kept open till 6:00 pm to enable the research scholars to pursue their work.
  • The lab technicians and the science faculty remain in the laboratory to assist the students in their research work.
  • Motivation is given to the students and research scholars to attend and present papers in the National level/International/University level Seminars and Conferences.
  • Research scholars are advised to make references to old projects, back volumes and dissertations available in the libraries.
  • To encourage the students in pursuing higher education in our college itself.
  • Research scholars of various departments have published their research papers in various journals.
  • Steps have been initiated to sign MOU with industries and companies to make them get in touch with the latest trends in the research field. The PG students are motivated and trained to grow with vertical knowledge on their subjects. They are given opportunities to present research papers in Seminars and Conferences to cultivate research attitude among students.


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