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Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

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Entry Requirements

Candidates must have passed their 10+2 level of education from a recognized educational Board with Mathematics or Computer Science.

Course Duration

3 Years




B.Sc.Information Technology course is recognised by DBT Star college scheme.

About Department

Information Technology is the most dynamic discipline with far-reaching impact of business, science, government, social structure and even personal lives. As an academic discipline, Information Technology focuses on meeting the needs of users through the selection, creation, application, integration and administration of computing technologies. The Department of Information Technology at the HICAS campus was established in the year 2007. The basic objective of Information Technology is to create computer professionals to enter into industry and business sector from among the youth of rural and less affordable society and also prepare students for challenges that they will face as professionals. The Information technology includes the study of software development, software testing, software engineering, computer networking, web design, databases, programming etc. The department facilitates to develop new skills for advance career opportunity through MOOCS, NPTEL, value added courses and certified courses. The Department of Information Technology has currently strength of 11 Faculties of which we have 1 Professor, 1 Associate Professor and 9 Assistant Professors. The Department also has more than 400 students and this team of dedicated and experienced faculty provide their support to mould the students to become smart in all aspects. The department conducts Board of Studies every year and the syllabus is revamped every year to meet the challenges in the current trend in the IT industry. The Information Technology introduces new courses based on the feedback from industry in consultation with field experts. The department has produced quality professionals holding key positions in the IT industry in India and abroad and bring laurels to the institution. The Department of Information Technology is proud of its student's association. The main motto of this association is to provide a platform for the students to achieve excellence in curricular and co-curricular activities and develop their leadership traits. The department, to its credit, releases a magazine SPYDER to motivate the students. The Department of Information Technology also offers internship training programmes and assists the project work by which students would get the opportunities to develop their programming skills and gain exposure to the work in the industry environment. The Department of Information Technology is well supported by the service of the vibrant Placement centre.

Courses Description

The programme of B.Sc in Information Technology is an undergraduate course pertaining strictly to the field of Information Technology (IT). The demand and importance of IT are inevitable and thousands of students take admission to the various IT courses in every academic cycle. Information Technology is a technical field which offers several job opportunities at different levels As a field, Information technology lays emphasis on the secure management of massive amounts of variable information and its accessibility via a wide variety of systems both local and worldwide. As a course, B.Sc in Information Technology enables students to learn and understand the basics of IT while also giving them practical training them regarding its application. B.Sc in IT is a programme which entails both theoretical and practical learning and provides several job opportunities to students. Candidates can also pursue higher education courses in the same area if they wish to deeper into the field of Information Technology. The students, after completing their BSc IT course may pursue an MSc IT. They may also get jobs in various IT sectors. The nature of your job and your salary will depend on your expertise in the field. Few of the common job profiles include Programmers, Quality Analyst, Technology Engineer, Software Developer, etc.

Goals & Objectives

  • To provide world class education to the students to face global challenges and to inculcate the latest trends in technological advancement. To cater the needs of the environmental and ethical values in the mind of students to become good citizens and entrepreneurs. The Mission of the college is to pursue a philosophy of perpetual acquisition of knowledge. The important policy is to provide value based education and to bring out the hidden potentials in students that equip them to approach life with optimism.




It's been a great pleasure to be a part of the esteemed institution which has been impacting quality education for over 3 decades even since I began my life at Hindusthan College of arts and science I felt like I have entered into a distinct world. Modern innovate student friendly campus with sophisticated computer labs will make the better of anyone who opts for their information and computer technology studies here. Department of Information Technology has served as an ideal spring board to plunge us into the future getting one up over the rest of our contemporaries. The good natured professors always do a brilliant job of immersing the students in the pool of their knowledge.

HICAS Manisha Devi.S, Technical Support Engineer

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HICAS Bachelor of Science in Information Technology