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Bachelor of Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence with IBM)

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Entry Requirements

The student must have passed Class 12th from a recognised School board of Education.

Course Duration

3 Years



About Department

The Department of Computer Science was established during the year 1998 with under graduate Programme (BSc Computer Science) and Post Graduate (MSc Computer Science) in the year 2001 and extended with the research Programme M.Phil in the year 2003. Department's solicited proposal was accepted by DBT Star college scheme ,Government of India ,and granted funds. The curriculum aims at providing an introductory yet comprehensive view of established and emerging areas in diverse Computer science field. It also employs application oriented approach, emphasizing development of problem solving skills in students.

Programme Description

"Artificial intelligence (AI) is a research field that studies how to realize the intelligent human behaviors on a computer. The ultimate goal of AI is to make a computer that can learn, plan, and solve problems autonomously. Artificial Intelligence course is designed to help learners decode the mystery of artificial intelligence and its business applications. The course provides an overview of AI concepts and workflows, machine learning and deep learning, and performance metrics.

Best Practices of the department

  • "• Increase security. • Generate new services (and possible social issues). • Empower businesses. • Improve healthcare. • Facilitate sustainability. • Make humans smarter. • Inspire artists. AI is going to permeate every job sector in the future. It can create new career paths in the field of Machine learning, Data mining, and analysis, AI software development, program management, and testing."

Goals & Objectives

  • "The goals of artificial intelligence include learning, reasoning, and perception. AI is being used across different industries including finance and healthcare. Weak AI tends to be simple and single-task oriented, while strong AI carries on tasks that are more complex and human-like. Objectives of AI:To have an appreciation for and understanding of both the achievements of AI and the theory underlying those achievements. To have an appreciation for the engineering issues underlying the design of AI systems. To have a basic proficiency in a traditional AI language including an ability to write simple to intermediate programs and an ability to understand code written






HICAS Bachelor of Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence with IBM)